The Trend of Military Challenge Coins

Custom Military CoinsThe trend of using Military Challenge Coins in usual life is emerging fast. However, there are many people from all over the world which is still unaware of the fact that the military challenge coins are used for a number of different purposes. Mainly military challenge coins are tradition of military. That’s why entire armed forces use them to give away to their workers, coworkers, and seniors, etc.

It seems OK to say you present them to your subordinates or coworkers but how you can give them to your seniors? Two seniors, military challenge coins are presented when they choose you the leader of a special project and you are the planner. You can give these coins to all your team officers.

The Military Challenge Coins are always used for special purposes. They are given to show membership to a certain group, a cause or an organization. Also, they make the best symbol of unity and firm devotion towards the given task. The beautiful thing about challenge coins is that they are unique coins. They are special purpose coins with specific logos, mission statements, prayers, images, graphics, etc. which purely show the belonging to a specific group. That particular information is printed on the coins.

The tradition of using challenge coins is almost a century old. In earlier times, the coins were used for showing membership. The king saved a pilot’s life in war and after that all of the military personnel decided to wear the coins as part of their uniform. They had to wear them otherwise they owed a penalty.  This game also became very popular in which one officer could ask at any time for the coin and another person had to show him to make sure he was wearing that. In the case of loss, the person being challenged was liable to buy a drink for the person who challenged and vice versa.

This tradition is also penetrating into the modern society. It is seen widely that people play this game in many organizations today. However, every organization has its own different rules. They have set their own rules and regulations.

The increasing market of challenge coins has motivated many companies to produce challenge coins. These companies provide a large variety of challenge coins. The customer has to select one design and order. There are other options of designing your own coin which is more popular. Custom challenge coins are more popular. The coin producing companies have special skilled designers who design the coins as per customer’s requirements.

Years back, it was said that only military persons can understand the feelings and emotions associated with their beloved military challenge coins. Now, they have become gift items and collectibles. So, there are many people who buy them from companies to collect them. It is a new passion which is inspiring a new generation. They are proud of their collections and like to display their collection to their visitors.

It took military challenge coins years to get out from military departments.  But, now they are used for the same purpose in non-military departments of government. The Even private sector has adopted them to give them as awards, promotion of an organization, brand promotion, product marketing, membership, etc. Air force, army, marine force, navy, coast guards, etc. use them for challenging and membership.

These coins come in many sizes and shapes. So, you can choose a shape which best describes your business or company. There are many styles of challenge coins including hard enamel, soft enamel as main two types. The hard enamel has a smooth finish while soft enamel has textured finish. The process of both is almost same. China is the major market for producing challenge coins all over the world.