The Prominent Features of Military Challenge Coins

Army Challenge CoinsNew generations have heard many stories about the challenge coins from their parents and grandparents. Every individual, who keeps the coin, has his own story to tell. The retired Army Officers preserve their brave memories in the form of the military challenge coins. Some of them had been awarded medals and medallions for their act of courage. These medals are displayed in the prominent areas of the house.Each time they look at these medals, they feel proud, even their grandchildren tell their friends the memorable stories of their grandparents that how they had fought for their country at the cost of their lives. Some Military officers won more than one medal in the shape of challenge coins. So, different corners of the drawing rooms are decorated with these shining medals. Proper cases are arranged for these challenge coins.  The military soldiers have a special association with these challenge coins.

There are many stories about the beginning of the coins. But here, we discuss which is most popular. The history records unfold the facts that in the World War1, when the Allied Forces attacked Germany in 1914. An Air Force officer approved an order to wear a gold plated bronze coin, embossed with the unit membership number. All the pilots have been provided with such kind of identification challenge coin. Unfortunately, one pilot of the Allied Forces had been spotted and shot down during the War. The rivals took away all his belongings except that coin. The pilot had folded it into a leather pouch that is why it had been overlooked. The well trained pilot managed to escape and rushed towards the boundary line where he had been stopped by a French security officer for clarifications. The pilot showed his coin     and got through the border.  Soon after, all the military officials had been issued challenge coins for their identification purposes.

That story states the relationship of the Military with the challenge coins. The reliability of this story is still a question according to some critics. But at the same time, the growing trend of challenge coins has supported these history narrations. Armed Forces, including Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force have their own custom challenge coins. The coin manufacturing is standing as a big industry in the business area. Armed Forces have been and are the major shareholders in the total production of the coins throughout the world. Smelling the potential of the business, manufacturers all around the world have introduced thousands of varieties of coins, keeping the specifications of the customers into the mind.

Quality control departments of the manufacturers maintain their standards to increase their market share. The Military coins have some specialty of their own. As different departments of theCustom Military Coins Armed Forces have customized coins for them, a lot of designs and qualities can be seen. If you know a person who has good collections of coins, you will observe that Coins issued from the Armed Forces, are prominent as compared to the normal custom coins issued by different organizations.

Including Military Coins, all coins are prepared by designated processes including, cutting, stamping, painting, heating and polishing. If we discuss different materials, we will find antique gold, Gold, Antique Silver, Silver, Brass, antique Bronze, Bronze, Nickel, Copper and antique Copper etc. All these metals have their own finish and grace.