Military Challenge Coins The Pride of Soldiers

Army Challenge CoinsIt is a moment of great pride for all the soldiers to be owning the different military challenge coins that are presented to them for the special efforts that they do for the well being of their country without caring for their lives or their families that what will become of them if they die. Most of these soldiers get life long injuries while others are termed as martyrs who lose their lives for the betterment of their country. Most of the military challenge coins are specially minted for the brave soldiers who have taken part in some special operation and have made it successful.

Most of the officers who are able to manage a few of these challenge coins during their career for what efforts they have made are very proud of their coins. They get special things made for the coins in which they can keep their coins and the coins can be seen by the people around them. Special oak wood carriers or glass plates that can hold the coins can be hung from the roof in such a way that both the sides of the coins can be viewed.

The different coins are found in several metals out of which some are expensive while others are just the ordinary like any other metal. Most of the metals used are such that they remain in the same condition and do not rust or look old even after decades. Many coins are painted so well that even their shine remains the same while on the other hand there are such metals present that are to be kept safely as they start loosing their beauty within a few weeks only as they get touched by the hands. Most of the coins are found in the following metals:

a)    Brass

b)    Copper

c)    Copper Nickel

d)    Silver

e)    Gold

f)    Platinum

g)    Other metals

Military challenge coins are very old. They date back to the First World War. That was when the importance of challenge coins was initially recognized. They were a way to prove the membership of a person with any military brigade. The Military Challenge Coins were a way to boost the morale of any officer as the coins were not just used for challenging but also for any special act done by a brave officer. Most of the coins earlier belonged to the military sectors only but now almost every sector is using the coins for the promotion of their brands or franchise, etc. However which ever place the coins are being used the most important thing is that they hold a very important place in the life of all those who use the coins and get the best results for themselves.

Military challenge coins date back to a few centuries but there importance is still a part of the world which is present because the importance of these coins has been proven by the passage of time. All those people who are a part of the military know that these coins are very important for the any soldier and he keeps them safely even after his retirement.