Challenge Coins Used by the Military Units

Custom Military CoinsThe military challenge coins are a part of the life of the military officers may they belong to the air, water or earth forces. All those people who take part in the war fare activities know about these coins. The coins are given to the officers by their unit to keep with them as an emergency identity proof. The senior officers keep a regular check on their juniors to make sure that they carry the coins with them at all times. All those people who think that having a military coin with them and then not taking care of it would be just like giving away a money coins are mistaken badly because all the coins are like something sacred and they are kept hidden away in such a way that they are hard to locate by anyone else. These coins, if not found with the officer he has to return it to his unit as a punishment of not keeping it with him and trying to be rude and not obeying the military rules by showing that he does not need a secret identity to prove which unit he belongs to.

Most of the military challenge coins are a made up of the normal metals; i.e.: brass, nickel, copper or copper nickel. How ever all those coins that are made up of the expensive metals like gold or platinum are the ones that are given as awards to the officers for some special operation that they have performed for the benefit of the people or the country. The military challenge coins are not just in the shape of the ordinary coins; round. The coins are made in all kinds of shapes these days. All those units who want a different look for their unit coin choose shape maybe in the form of their logo. The logo of the coins is different according to the different forces and then their units, etc. The navy coins are usually differentiated by the signs of anchors, turning wheel, sharks, ships, submarines, etc. On the other hand the Air force coins have eagles and high flying birds on their coins along with fighter jets while the Army coins have rifles, guns and soldiers in helmets fighting with guns. All these coins are very beautiful and different from the others.

The people who collect coins know that these coins have a very special place in the hearts of the military people and they do not sell them off how ever the antique coins are price less and the collectors are ready to pay any amount of money for the age old military coins. The very old challenge coins from the Greek and Roman periods are placed in different museums all over the world and most of the people don’t know that challenge coins have a that old history. The challenge coins from the First and Second World Wars are also very sacred and are placed with the coin collectors. The coins show the love and sincerity of the officers during the wars with their country. The prayers imprinted on one side of some coins are so beautiful that it seems that the writer must have a direct connection with God. Most of the military units even now use the old prayers from these coins on the new coins to boost the morale of their officers.