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Military Challenge Coins With Various Logos

Army challenge CoinsThe usual custom military award coins of the military have the logos of every unit on their various coin on one aspect and on the opposite aspect the slogan of the unit is in scripted. All the unit officers area unit given the military challenge coins within the starting of their career and these Awards area unit to be came back to the unit just in case of not being found once challenged.Beautiful Award Coins area unit minted and that they area unit given to any or all and that they need to be with the officers the least bit hours as well as duty and non duty Hours. simply because these coins area unit to be with the officers the least bit times and to create certain that they’re the senior officers will check the coins at any time to create certain that the officers are carrying the coin or not. The challenge coins area unit challenged by slamming them down on a tough surface that is really how of difficult all the officers gift inside hearing distance to point out their coins. All those officers United Nations agency don’t seem to be able to show the coins need to get a spherical of drinks to any or all the officers gift and if everybody has the Coins then the competition buys the drinks for all. The officer United Nations agency doesn’t come back up along with his coins or loses his coin is chastened severely within the military The means and therefore the officer even need to flip in his coin and it’s a sort of penalty For the officer to retain his his coins if he does not feel the necessity of it.

The Prominent Features of Military Challenge Coins

Army Challenge CoinsNew generations have heard many stories about the challenge coins from their parents and grandparents. Every individual, who keeps the coin, has his own story to tell. The retired Army Officers preserve their brave memories in the form of the military challenge coins. Some of them had been awarded medals and medallions for their act of courage. These medals are displayed in the prominent areas of the house.Each time they look at these medals, they feel proud, even their grandchildren tell their friends the memorable stories of their grandparents that how they had fought for their country at the cost of their lives. Some Military officers won more than one medal in the shape of challenge coins. So, different corners of the drawing rooms are decorated with these shining medals. Proper cases are arranged for these challenge coins.  The military soldiers have a special association with these challenge coins.

There are many stories about the beginning of the coins. But here, we discuss which is most popular. The history records unfold the facts that in the World War1, when the Allied Forces attacked Germany in 1914. An Air Force officer approved an order to wear a gold plated bronze coin, embossed with the unit membership number. All the pilots have been provided with such kind of identification challenge coin. Unfortunately, one pilot of the Allied Forces had been spotted and shot down during the War. The rivals took away all his belongings except that coin. The pilot had folded it into a leather pouch that is why it had been overlooked. The well trained pilot managed to escape and rushed towards the boundary line where he had been stopped by a French security officer for clarifications. The pilot showed his coin     and got through the border.  Soon after, all the military officials had been issued challenge coins for their identification purposes.

That story states the relationship of the Military with the challenge coins. The reliability of this story is still a question according to some critics. But at the same time, the growing trend of challenge coins has supported these history narrations. Armed Forces, including Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force have their own custom challenge coins. The coin manufacturing is standing as a big industry in the business area. Armed Forces have been and are the major shareholders in the total production of the coins throughout the world. Smelling the potential of the business, manufacturers all around the world have introduced thousands of varieties of coins, keeping the specifications of the customers into the mind.

Quality control departments of the manufacturers maintain their standards to increase their market share. The Military coins have some specialty of their own. As different departments of theCustom Military Coins Armed Forces have customized coins for them, a lot of designs and qualities can be seen. If you know a person who has good collections of coins, you will observe that Coins issued from the Armed Forces, are prominent as compared to the normal custom coins issued by different organizations.

Including Military Coins, all coins are prepared by designated processes including, cutting, stamping, painting, heating and polishing. If we discuss different materials, we will find antique gold, Gold, Antique Silver, Silver, Brass, antique Bronze, Bronze, Nickel, Copper and antique Copper etc. All these metals have their own finish and grace.

Military Challenge Coins The Pride of Soldiers

Army Challenge CoinsIt is a moment of great pride for all the soldiers to be owning the different military challenge coins that are presented to them for the special efforts that they do for the well being of their country without caring for their lives or their families that what will become of them if they die. Most of these soldiers get life long injuries while others are termed as martyrs who lose their lives for the betterment of their country. Most of the military challenge coins are specially minted for the brave soldiers who have taken part in some special operation and have made it successful.

Most of the officers who are able to manage a few of these challenge coins during their career for what efforts they have made are very proud of their coins. They get special things made for the coins in which they can keep their coins and the coins can be seen by the people around them. Special oak wood carriers or glass plates that can hold the coins can be hung from the roof in such a way that both the sides of the coins can be viewed.

The different coins are found in several metals out of which some are expensive while others are just the ordinary like any other metal. Most of the metals used are such that they remain in the same condition and do not rust or look old even after decades. Many coins are painted so well that even their shine remains the same while on the other hand there are such metals present that are to be kept safely as they start loosing their beauty within a few weeks only as they get touched by the hands. Most of the coins are found in the following metals:

a)    Brass

b)    Copper

c)    Copper Nickel

d)    Silver

e)    Gold

f)    Platinum

g)    Other metals

Military challenge coins are very old. They date back to the First World War. That was when the importance of challenge coins was initially recognized. They were a way to prove the membership of a person with any military brigade. The Military Challenge Coins were a way to boost the morale of any officer as the coins were not just used for challenging but also for any special act done by a brave officer. Most of the coins earlier belonged to the military sectors only but now almost every sector is using the coins for the promotion of their brands or franchise, etc. However which ever place the coins are being used the most important thing is that they hold a very important place in the life of all those who use the coins and get the best results for themselves.

Military challenge coins date back to a few centuries but there importance is still a part of the world which is present because the importance of these coins has been proven by the passage of time. All those people who are a part of the military know that these coins are very important for the any soldier and he keeps them safely even after his retirement.

The Trend of Military Challenge Coins

Custom Military CoinsThe trend of using Military Challenge Coins in usual life is emerging fast. However, there are many people from all over the world which is still unaware of the fact that the military challenge coins are used for a number of different purposes. Mainly military challenge coins are tradition of military. That’s why entire armed forces use them to give away to their workers, coworkers, and seniors, etc.

It seems OK to say you present them to your subordinates or coworkers but how you can give them to your seniors? Two seniors, military challenge coins are presented when they choose you the leader of a special project and you are the planner. You can give these coins to all your team officers.

The Military Challenge Coins are always used for special purposes. They are given to show membership to a certain group, a cause or an organization. Also, they make the best symbol of unity and firm devotion towards the given task. The beautiful thing about challenge coins is that they are unique coins. They are special purpose coins with specific logos, mission statements, prayers, images, graphics, etc. which purely show the belonging to a specific group. That particular information is printed on the coins.

The tradition of using challenge coins is almost a century old. In earlier times, the coins were used for showing membership. The king saved a pilot’s life in war and after that all of the military personnel decided to wear the coins as part of their uniform. They had to wear them otherwise they owed a penalty.  This game also became very popular in which one officer could ask at any time for the coin and another person had to show him to make sure he was wearing that. In the case of loss, the person being challenged was liable to buy a drink for the person who challenged and vice versa.

This tradition is also penetrating into the modern society. It is seen widely that people play this game in many organizations today. However, every organization has its own different rules. They have set their own rules and regulations.

The increasing market of challenge coins has motivated many companies to produce challenge coins. These companies provide a large variety of challenge coins. The customer has to select one design and order. There are other options of designing your own coin which is more popular. Custom challenge coins are more popular. The coin producing companies have special skilled designers who design the coins as per customer’s requirements.

Years back, it was said that only military persons can understand the feelings and emotions associated with their beloved military challenge coins. Now, they have become gift items and collectibles. So, there are many people who buy them from companies to collect them. It is a new passion which is inspiring a new generation. They are proud of their collections and like to display their collection to their visitors.

It took military challenge coins years to get out from military departments.  But, now they are used for the same purpose in non-military departments of government. The Even private sector has adopted them to give them as awards, promotion of an organization, brand promotion, product marketing, membership, etc. Air force, army, marine force, navy, coast guards, etc. use them for challenging and membership.

These coins come in many sizes and shapes. So, you can choose a shape which best describes your business or company. There are many styles of challenge coins including hard enamel, soft enamel as main two types. The hard enamel has a smooth finish while soft enamel has textured finish. The process of both is almost same. China is the major market for producing challenge coins all over the world.

Challenge Coins Used by the Military Units

Custom Military CoinsThe military challenge coins are a part of the life of the military officers may they belong to the air, water or earth forces. All those people who take part in the war fare activities know about these coins. The coins are given to the officers by their unit to keep with them as an emergency identity proof. The senior officers keep a regular check on their juniors to make sure that they carry the coins with them at all times. All those people who think that having a military coin with them and then not taking care of it would be just like giving away a money coins are mistaken badly because all the coins are like something sacred and they are kept hidden away in such a way that they are hard to locate by anyone else. These coins, if not found with the officer he has to return it to his unit as a punishment of not keeping it with him and trying to be rude and not obeying the military rules by showing that he does not need a secret identity to prove which unit he belongs to.

Most of the military challenge coins are a made up of the normal metals; i.e.: brass, nickel, copper or copper nickel. How ever all those coins that are made up of the expensive metals like gold or platinum are the ones that are given as awards to the officers for some special operation that they have performed for the benefit of the people or the country. The military challenge coins are not just in the shape of the ordinary coins; round. The coins are made in all kinds of shapes these days. All those units who want a different look for their unit coin choose shape maybe in the form of their logo. The logo of the coins is different according to the different forces and then their units, etc. The navy coins are usually differentiated by the signs of anchors, turning wheel, sharks, ships, submarines, etc. On the other hand the Air force coins have eagles and high flying birds on their coins along with fighter jets while the Army coins have rifles, guns and soldiers in helmets fighting with guns. All these coins are very beautiful and different from the others.

The people who collect coins know that these coins have a very special place in the hearts of the military people and they do not sell them off how ever the antique coins are price less and the collectors are ready to pay any amount of money for the age old military coins. The very old challenge coins from the Greek and Roman periods are placed in different museums all over the world and most of the people don’t know that challenge coins have a that old history. The challenge coins from the First and Second World Wars are also very sacred and are placed with the coin collectors. The coins show the love and sincerity of the officers during the wars with their country. The prayers imprinted on one side of some coins are so beautiful that it seems that the writer must have a direct connection with God. Most of the military units even now use the old prayers from these coins on the new coins to boost the morale of their officers.