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Different Uses of Commemorative Challenge Coins

Commemorative Challenge CoinsIt is almost impossible to state the exact details about the background of the challenge coins’ tradition. But it is certain that it goes back further than our modern era. It can be seen first in the time of Roman Empire. At that time special coins used to be given to those who perform well in different tasks or wars or in another field in which they bring fame to the name of the country. Those coins used to be saved as a symbol of great performance, and honor to show their next generations, these coins used to have special symbols. By the passage of time these coins became commemorative challenge coins for their next generation, a symbol of association which they have with their forefathers.

A story is associated with their award coins in the World War 1, when an officer gave medallion to his flight squadrons’. In war one of the members got caught by Germany, they took everything except the leather pouch around hi neck. When pilot reached France and doubted as a spy, he made his efforts to prove his identity and showed medallion and got back to his country. This is how the tradition of challenge coins started and still continuous.

It has become a tradition to honor those people who performed well in their respective fields with commemorative coins. There are various types of challenge coins which are used at different occasions for different purposes. Some of their names are; Vietnam veteran challenge coin, navy Shell back challenge coin, Desert storm veteran deluxe challenge coin, U.S. army challenge coin, army defending freedom challenge coin, purple heart, challenge coin, USAF deluxe challenge coins, air force values challenge coin, army special forces group challenge coin, navy blue challenge coin, Bradley master gunner challenge coin.

These are some of the names of coins which have been used as challenge coins and also as commemorative challenge coins as well. On different occasions in which certain days are celebrated at national level, such coins are used to honor those great people who gave their lives or fight bravely for their nation in wars. Moreover, those who performed exceptionally well in their field are awarded with such coins in American history as well in recent times.

Promote Your Brands With Challenge Coins

Promotional Challenge Coins

There are a lot of brand names in the market these days. It is not easy to promote a new brand accordingly. There are a lot of people who have been trying to manage things according to the competition bases have succeeded. The use of promotional challenge coins is such that the owners who need to promote their brand according to use and need of the public should use the new strategies.

The use of billboards for the promoting of a brand has become very old the use of leaflets on traffic signals are of no use either. All those people who want to promote their brand should use these promotional coins. These challenge coins are not that expensive, if they are minted in a large number the price per piece is very low. These coins can be given out to the different people on the bases of specific shopping at different shopping malls. They can also be promoted through different food outlets; they can be given out with the purchase of a meal at the favorite kids’ meal.

Giving out coins to children would provide you the best service for the promotion of your brand. The coins should not be too heavy neither should they be made up of expensive metals. The coins should be colorful and catchy so that everyone takes out time to take a look at them, and see what these coins are and what are they offering. The giving out of these coins should be well before the opening of new brand so that people are aware of the brand name before everything is managed for the opening. When they know they wait for the shops to open, and visit to see what they can buy from the new outlet or shop which is the hot topic of the town.

The mints that make these coins offer excellent designs and ideas which are very good and one can choose from them according to the budget. The mints can provide you with all kinds of details over emails and you can check every kind of details. Once finalized the final shipment would be sent to you within fifteen days.